Terms & Conditions

By placing an order through this site, the customer is deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Purchasers of products through this web site understand and acknowledge that The Drug Host does supply most of the Products from the Site. Products are therefore dispatched and paid for under Supplier Terms and Conditions outlined below.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check local regulations and to order prescription medicines only after a instruction has been received following a consultation with a doctor.

The customer agrees not to resell or supply products purchased through this web site to other individuals or organizations.

The customer vouches that he/she is old enough to legally buy chemicals in his/her country, and is at least 18 years of age.

The client accepts full responsibility for the use of the service provided by The Drug Host and the provided products.

The availability of products listed on this site is subject to change without notice.

Because of the nature of chemicals products, order cancellations cannot and will not be accepted after goods have been dispatched and/or payment has been processed. However, if you are disappointed with the products you receive or with the service provided, please contact us at [email protected]. We assure for the best solution because our priority is the customer satisfaction.

Confirming and outstanding by each country’s importation requirements is the responsibility of the customer. The supplier is therefore not responsible for replacement or refund of products which are confiscated by customs or the payment of any taxes due on products ordered.

If products are returned to the supplier by customs in an unspoiled condition the client will be entitled to a refund.

The supplier is not responsible for any delivery that is lost as a result of incorrect shipping information being provided by the customer. If goods are returned after initially being delivered to an incorrect address, they will be resent and the cost of the re delivery will be charged to the customer.

The supplier is not responsible for losses or damage in transit caused by the postal service.

If an incorrect order is sent or a delivery error is made because of a supplier error, the correct products will be sent at no additional cost to the purchaser. The incorrect order must however be returned to the supplier or the cost of these products will also be charged to the client.

The supplier is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by third parties such as delays in supply by manufacturers or delays in the postal service.

Prices are subject to change without notice dependent on international currency fluctuations.

The supplier reserves the right to waive certain conditions with individual customers and in particular situations at its discretion. This will not imply a change to the standard Terms and Conditions listed above.

If you have any questions about any information on this page please contact us for clarification.


About The Store

The Drug Host

We are the World #1 Research Chemicals Supplier on the web. Our Shop or store does not intend to promote or incite the use of illegal or controlled substances. We expressly point out that we cannot be held responsible for the future actions of those who purchase products from this site. Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of ADD/ADHD medications, pain medications, antidepressants and other Research chemicals products, emphasizing on their superior quality, exceptional value, and our outstanding customer service.

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